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April 3, 2009


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Following a pointer from a friend, I found Kuler:

These are definitely my colors. (Although I am not entirely sure of the rendering here… If you are going to be specific, look at the source, it gives the hexadecimal values. And no I did not register this with Adobe. That is kind of creepy.)


October 5, 2008

Chain Linkage

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One of the things I find most useful about other knitting blogs is the links to thingsBlocking wires or other sundry supplies. Fiber sources. Events like Sock Summit.

Techniques: Here is one that fixes the flabbergastingly stupid technique of the EZ idea of the “afterthought pocket”: The Promethean Pocket

Here is one that explains buttonholes: Best One Row Buttonhole

In case you haven’t heard, Knitpicks is having another book sale, 40% off. I liked the Cat Bordhi New Pathways Sock book so much that I got one of her mobius books. And I got the Priscilla Gibson Roberts book recommended by BrooklynTweed in the striped vest project description. (It cannot be a pattern if all it does is say, “Use [this book].” That is one of my major quibbles.) I really need a book that has a good discussion of generic sweaters. I have used Ann Budd’s Knitters’ Handy Guide books, but there is not much discussion in them. 

You might not notice since I seem to be a middle-adopter of technology that I tend to be resistant to change (unless I am the one promoting it.) But I listened to my first two podcasts last week. YKnit and Knitmore Girls. (And yes, I should go get the actual links for those, please wait. linked.) I know people behind each of them and they both had interviews with Cat Bordhi. I rather suspect that I do not like podcasts. Maybe there will be some to help Franklin Habit promote his new book, but that would really suffer from lack of visual materials.

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