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April 3, 2009


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Following a pointer from a friend, I found Kuler:

These are definitely my colors. (Although I am not entirely sure of the rendering here… If you are going to be specific, look at the source, it gives the hexadecimal values. And no I did not register this with Adobe. That is kind of creepy.)


December 19, 2008

When you are “it”…

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Instead of rehashing old business about the obsession with gauge, I figured I should participate in the meme I was tagged to do. 

It wants me to show you the fourth picture in the fourth picture folder on my computer. My hierarchy is a little different than that. I have two branches, things I have generated and things which were downloaded. Of the things I have generated, every program creates its own folder within “My Pictures”. Since none of these programs had the ability to set the base folder (unless I paid them for the “advanced” version, which defeats the purpose of free software), I just let it. 

The fourth folder has grids for colorwork I was planning. 


Now I am supposed to tell you four facts about this picture:

  1. It is black and white
  2. I ended up only using the center medalion portion and should have done intarsia instead of stranded colorwork, but it was my first real colorwork not slip-stitch/mosaic.
  3. It was for a felted bowl. A felted project is excellent for your first colorwork because the floats do not have to be loose when the underlying fabric shrinks and because long floats felt-melt into the fabric anyway.
  4. Extra fact: I dyed three colors of yarn: lime green, turquoise, lurid orange using food coloring.
  5. I used a javascript charting tool that allows me to set the grid size and even to change the shape of the squares. 
  6. Extra fact: there is no save function, so I printscreen and save in Paint, then crop and save-as. 

The camera pictures are in folders by date. So the fourth folder there is me trying to get a feel for it still. I have 15 pictures of the same thing: (Click to embiggen.)

  1. This is the shawl I made because triangular shawls are stupid. (Oh yes! Let me wear something that will fall off my shoulders but leave gaps right where I am likely to get cold, that seems like the best thing to knit!)
  2. It is acrylic bulky-weight yarn, but only 2 skeins!
  3. It still took me months to finish.
  4. No one has yet wanted it, though I have offered many times. “Free to a good home!”

Then there is the fourth hat I gave away:  (Click to embiggen.)

  1. It was the first thing I did tubular cast on for.
  2. I loved the progression of colors, like sunset fading into night.
  3. It is acrylic yarn (and thus why I really do not get the hatred people have for acrylic.)
  4. I sent it to a virtual stranger because she asked for it.

Obviously I am supposed to tag other people, but if a meme is real, it does not need prompting. And if I were going to pick people, I would rather have someone who would suggest a good organizational scheme for my pictures. But that said…  I was really flattered to have been remembered. So….

Jerry and his Peeps. Corry. Anye.

“Tell us four things about the fourth picture in the fourth picture folder on your computer.”

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