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September 10, 2011

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I did no knitting for weeks. I had pneumonia. In August. Then my husband got it and became catastrophically ill. Things are improving and I am back working on the Tardis socks he requested last Thanksgiving. Now that it looks like he might live to wear them.

Things were so grim here that someone else made me a hat. And I feel less stupid about sending them to other people now because I really appreciated it.

December 27, 2010

ooh, the shiny pulls my attention away!

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Sadly, today my top choice of rigid heddle loom is for sale, used, locally, on Craigslist, for about half the retail price (after all the extras are included).

Can I admit that I want to buy that too, just in case the small one is insufficient for my needs?

What if I let this one go and do not like the tiny Emilia that is not here yet? I did get a confirmation email this morning but it said they would email directly if my item was “backordered”, like they do not know if they have it? So are they going to wait until someone else buys the used loom on CL before telling me, “Ha! Ha!”?

I also had a spot of concern because that is a hefty discount and if I do not like my loom, I want to be able to resell it for much closer to my purchase price. But there were still people paying full price for Flips and Crickets on the various Ravelry groups, so probably it is the CL underpricing. I will be sure to list my loom in the appropriate Rav groups first.

Plus at that price, the CL loom was probably gone instantly, so I would not have gotten it.

September 28, 2010

Bias Knit Simple Lace Scarf, Finished

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This has been a long project. It started with some really ugly superwash BFL fiber that came from Susan’s Spinning Bunny’s fiber club, “Fondle This!”

From Fiber Club

I over-dyed it myself to create this fiber:

From fiber dye

Then I spun and plied the fiber to create some mediocre yarn:

From fiber dye
From Fiber Club

Originally I was going to do something complex and stunning with this, but decided to keep it simple so I would have a hope of finishing it and it still took 6 full months.

From bias scarf

The Rav project notes:
Using a handspun yarn, overdyed in the wool from the 2009 Susan’s Spinning Bunny fiber club shipment of Superwash BFL which was originally a citrus type colorway. Revised colorway name is “Sherwood Forest”.

Cast on was one stitch. Easiest cast-on ever.

Did the first triangle in garter stitch, then continued in stockinette base. Edge is 1 stitch knit on outside, then yo. Lace rows are yo, k2tog. Double decrease is k3tog. WS rows (purl side) are k1, p, k1.

Finished the knitting part. Ending triangle has decrease in beginning of RS row. k1, yo, k2tog…. k3tog, yo, k… and that was not a rapid enough decrease, so an additional decrease was added on the WS.

Edging is an offset double-row of crochet chain loops.

September 15, 2010

yarn: Dark water puddle

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Lisa Souza
BFL in “Wild Things” (dye sop)
4oz 3ply worsted

From handspun 2

September 14, 2010

yarn: Nasturtiums not roses

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Hello Yarn
corriedale in “In Bloom”
4oz 2ply super-bulky

From handspun 2

September 13, 2010

yarn: Lady spins the blues

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Royale Hare
SW BFL in “Bloomfield Blues”
4oz 3ply

From handspun 2

yarn: Wensleydale and purple!

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Lisa Souza
Wensleydale in “Wild Things” (dye sop)
4oz 3 ply

From handspun 2
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