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April 29, 2010

Second Elephant

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December 25, 2009

Finished gift.

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This is my chocolate bunny.

December 18, 2009

Finished, except the waiting at the post office.

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I finished all my holiday knitting. There was less this year than some years. I would say that is because I did not make unsolicited items, but I did. This was the year of the animals.

I am going to share the elephant pictures because the recipient does not yet use the internet.

From elephant

I brought it to the knitting group at the library and one of the librarians tried to buy it right then and there. (That was a bit weird.) The other librarian said I should do a show (they have “gallery” space for local artists). These are the same librarians who saw me with my first knitting projects. I started learning to knit from library books because I was ahead of the trend curve and there were no yarn stores. So these women saw me with the knitted equivalent of an adult with a macaroni collage. I got better. I know I did an awesome job on the elephant. Everyone has a sense of when they have “nailed it”. It makes me happy to see the improvement in my own work, but I do not really consider these “art”.

One of the librarians suggested that I sell knitted rabbits for Easter at the farmers market. She said I could probably get $25 for them. Aside from the fact that is a copyright violation. It took me at least 12 hours to make the first one. Even if it only took me 4 hours, and that is definitely the minimum considering how fiddly the pattern was, that is under minimum wage. Add in the overhead of having to have a tax license, the fees to the market for having a booth, the cost of materials, people who complain that they only want one if it comes in [insert favorite color]. I just cannot see it being worthwhile.

I think I would like to make a giraffe. The idea interests me. I think I should go to the zoo and take pictures of actual giraffes for inspiration. Admittedly the idea of going to the zoo and taking pictures of giraffes interests me a lot more than actually knitting the giraffe.

I also finished the giftcard holder sweater. I made this according to the round yoke directions in the book by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts, Knitting In the Old Way.

From micro sweater

November 19, 2009

Swatch Bunny is not a sleeper in the race.

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I started and finished something today.

It was the swatch bunny. I created a diagram that explains this extremely simple process.  I got the idea of doing this with swatch squares from Kira of KiraKDesigns, who got it from artsy-fartsy-mama.com, but this is a standard technique found in any basic sewing book.

Basically you knit a square. This is a good use of swatching squares, hence the name. After binding off, tie a secure knot with the seaming yarn at the left midpoint of the square. Baste the seam from left midpoint to right midpoint to top midpoint and back to left midpoint. (see diagram). Pull the seaming yarn to gather fabric together. This makes a pocket which forms the head. Add stuffing and stitch closed. Ears are magically formed and can be fixed in place with a stitch as desired. The body is formed by seaming the “spine” (indicated in green on the diagram) and adding stuffing. Run the seaming needle through the cast on stitches, then gather them, grabbing a small tail tuft from the stuffing before final cinching.

From rabbits

diagram for seaming

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