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April 6, 2009


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I got a box this morning from Greenwood Fiberworks. It is a sampler box of their colorways in merino. There were also two batts. 

I was surprised and pleased. Thanks for the birthday present! (click any thumbnail to see the larger photo page)

From presents

You can see clearly why I am excited. I know I would not have talked myself into ordering this but I have the perfect project in mind. There was someone who posted about making a mobius cowl into a hood and it was done in Noro. I just know it would be stunning done in handspun. 

You will excuse me, I need to find a stamp for my thank you so I can get started!

January 17, 2009

Fiber club shipment!

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I got the January 2009 “Fondle This!” shipment yesterday. I even posted to the Rav discussion group because I appeared to be first.

From Fiber Club

It was 7oz of merino/bamboo/nylon in a pink/red colorway that I have nicknamed “Peony”. (It came unnamed.) I named it that largely because the ball was really tight and unfurled a lot like peony buds. It is astonishingly soft. I figured anything made from wood would be kind of harsh but I was wrong.

My initial impression of the coloring is not very positive. There is a lot of white, though it does appear to be honest white and not a lousy dye job where the color just does not penetrate to the middle of the roving. Just what am I going to do with a big ball of variegated pink yarn though?

It came with a really scary photo on the included pattern. I knew it was coming with a “child’s bolero” pattern, but it never occurred to me that someone would put an actual photo of a child. I am more than a little pedophobic. (Meaning having fear of children, not fear of pedophiles, though I am pretty afraid of those too. Think of the germs!) If I admitted arachnophobia and you sent me gigantic photos of spiders, I would be really upset. In fact, enough people are arachnophobic that I think sending anything with pictures of spiders would be the anti-marketing. Fear of children is not common enough that I can expect accomodation by default. It does not make me less skeeved though.

November 29, 2008

It’s not too late to click it, click it good.

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I saw a commercial where the woman could not book a vacation online because she was afraid the price would drop. I have never had that problem for that reason. Vacation prices do not drop in my experience. The longer you wait, the more it costs. I do, however, have that problem. I cannot seem to click it. 

[You should all pause here for the mental replay of the Devo song, “Whip It”. Thank you.] 

I went out to the kitchen gadget store in Berkeley last week and to get rice from Vik’s. (If you live near here, Vik’s is moving soon, so you will want to check their website before making an excursion. The sign said 4 blocks.)  I admit that I planned to buy things. I came home with a lot more stuff and spent a lot more money than I had anticipated. Most of the new things are extremely cool and I am pleased. I only feel a little ill from buying them. I know we needed the rice. But having already spent a bunch of money “out of season”, I am struggling with buying more things.

I want to subscribe to the “Fondle This!” 2009 fiber club from Susan’s Spinning Bunny. I know it would push me out of my comfort zone because of the new fibers and accompanying patterns. I know I enjoyed the prompting last year for the Spunky Eclectic fiber club— prompting where the new box jumps up and down shouting, “Spin me!” (Even though I did not enjoy most of the selections.) 

I am having trouble clicking the button even though I have the money.

[If you were waiting for the song reminder…. probably, “Stranded” by Heart, because it starts with “Standing here, helpless. Where do I go…” ]

[You should all be glad I am as old as I am, because the song could easily have been the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe”.]

So. Here is my request. Come and tell me that I should buy something I really want because it will add to my personal happiness.

(Obviously in this economy I should clarify… I have the money available and it is not a choice between this and something essential. I will not be sitting here in the dark, being cold and hungry because I spent too much money frivolously. There are days when I sit here in the dark being cold and hungry, but that is a personal defect stemming from my complete inability to spend money.)

September 14, 2008

this week in spinning and knitting

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I like how this mitt is coming out, even though I am “winging it” and even though there is that odd space for an extra thumb knuckle. Handspun from Ashland Bay merino “pinedale” top.


New fiber from Paradise Fibers, “bombay nights” which is one of their “microblends” of mohair+”wool”+sari silk. I think it looks like fireworks. Once I managed to find things and get them into my cart, I was really happy with the professional order handling from Paradise Fibers. If they had a less crippled search capability, and a more polished online storefront, they could be one of my favorite sources. But even knowing they had a black fiber with sari silk, I could not find this fiber again from a different computer. I had to go back to the browser history to find it (I literally had to IM myself the direct link). I love this stuff, so it was worth the headaches and I am thrilled that their back-end order fulfillment is so much better than their website’s search.

And last week, I said I had started spinning again after taking the entire summer off. This is the “Rose Bud” from the May 2008 Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club. It is corriedale and I already loathe this yarn, I mentally tagged it “rose rot”.

September 9, 2008

Fibery Goodness.

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I ordered some naturally black Wensleydale. Linda from Riyescott Ranch sent me samples. It is carded roving, not combed top and much softer than the horse’s tail that was my previous experience with Wensleydale. I also ordered some Shetland+mohair which is a fawn+gray blend. I loved it.

I ordered the black blended fiber from Paradise Fibers. I finally decided I just wanted that and there was no point in waiting to see if I would find enough stuff to get free shipping. Later it turned out that the shipping on a half pound of fiber was ~$2.50. That is definitely fair.

Tonight I spun up half of the rose rot fiber. Corriedale is really not my favorite. But still, first spinning in 4 months.

June 9, 2008

Vocabulary Lessons: Whallop

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So, spinning fiber is frequently sold in 4 ounce packs called “bumps” in the vernacular. There are larger quantities available (especially for undyed fibers) and those are “lumps”. What do the bulk quantities that wholesalers ship get called?

I suggest that we call that the “whallop”.

Now, question. If I wanted a whallop of BFL so I could dye it myself, where would I buy it? How big is a whallop in this case? I am fairly interested in 10 pounds or so. I could be talked into 20. Much more than that and I would be wanting someone else to go in with me on it.

I have not found anyone selling anything bigger than a pound-lump of BFL. It looks like Louet and Ashland Bay might be decent bulk sources, but I don’t know anyone who has a retailing contract with them who is willing to share the bulk discount with me. Around here most LYSs charge as much as the market will bear for anything they can— which I understand since they all seem to have expensive storefronts.

That brings me to the next question. Why do they all have expensive storefronts and the boutique style stores? Would it not be obvious that putting together a warehouse location with parking and actually having a sweater’s worth of yarn right there to take home would be a good idea? Sure, maybe not downtown San Francisco. But if people are willing to drive from Oakland to Sunnyvale, there could certainly be a big yarn deal somewhere in Gilroy or Vacaville—- why is there no “Yarn Outlet”?

May 2, 2008

New fibers.

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Today I spun my first alpaca fiber. It is combed top. Black. Undyed. I love the color. The fiber is so soft.

Unfortunately it is not as easy to spin as what I am used to. The single keeps breaking. The fiber needed more pre-drafting than I expected, but as soon as it was drafted enough to spin trivially, it looks like I have shed 3 months of cat hair on everything.

The single is very soft though. Tomorrow I plan to lower the tension a squidge and keep a tighter grip so more twist is added in. I realize this will make the single less soft, but right now it is not holding together, so something must be done.


I got the April Spunky Fiber Club this week too. You cannot see from there, but it feels almost exactly like the tail of a horse. The tag says Wennsleydale [sic], which always makes me think, “Cheese Gromit!” (photo is strangely off-color, the white parts of the fiber are white. The paper is white.)


I have not done anything with this fiber other than photograph it. I plan to spin it into ~worsted singles and knit the “Slant Pocket Purse” which wants felting. I hope it spins up nicer than it feels.

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