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October 14, 2008

Pictured Updates

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From the album fiber
This is the Shetland+Mohair, you can see how wispy the roving is.

From the album hat

New picture posting method.

I noticed that the abbreviation for my blog is UFO. You should imagine I am laughing at my own inadvertent joke.

August 4, 2008

No more Aliens: FO

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Origami Child’s Jacket

sweater, 100% knitting done

sweater, 100% knitting done

I have rewritten the beastly instructions and made modifications. This sweater is toddler sized, so I will be knitting another one second-next.

January 31, 2008

photos galore

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I finished the first handspun mitt. The picture is not amazing. The yarn is white. The background is white. It is a real pain to be taking pictures of your own hand. My dear readers should be noting the really spiffy flared cuff, the nicely done thumb gusset, and the piss poor (but it worked) Kitchner rib bind-off.

Endpaper Mitt photos, top side and bottom side. Can you see the pattern error in the colorwork?

One of the yarns I washed today in preparation for sending to a friend, “Thunderstorm” from Spunky Eclectic. The color is a little off, with the flash, but not as much as sometimes.

The Spunky Fiber Club January 2008 fiber, predrafted.

December 31, 2007

done! I finished the first handspun hat!

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I am completely amazed with myself. I had one yard of yarn left over after finishing the top of the hat. My decreases were not rushed, but I managed to create a semi-flat top. (I couldn’t tell you what I did exactly, but I decreased rarely and frequently in alternating rows. That works really well for me when I want to avoid that weird conehead effect.) This is the regular old roll-brim hat.

first handspun hat

The color is awesome, but that is entirely due to the yarn. Yarn that I spun. Okay, sure, it was fiber I just bought, not like I ranched the sheep myself and laboriously carded the wool. I did not even dye this, but I am still completely thrilled.

I have not had a new hat for me in 4 years. There are no good photos yet because the flash does not do the colors justice. (That is the yarn if you look at this blog’s header image, taken with a flash, it just looks gray, but it is blue, green, gray, with a bit of pink to it; it was a heathered blend merino roving I bought at a show.)

December 27, 2007


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In this case I mean that to be Finished Object… if one may count things which need felting before the felting is completed. The knitting is done.

The object in question is the oven mitt. There was that knitpicks pattern for felted oven mitts. I like that pattern a lot more once I made it a smidge larger around so I did not need to use two-circs. I wanted to make sure it would actually protect hands from heat, so I did a fair isle patterning on it using the Norwegian mitten pattern by Elizabeth Zimmerman.

The first felting never goes well for me. I get a sort of preliminary blurring of fibers together, but it is not serious. I certainly do not get any shrinking. I will toss this mitt in with some laundry tomorrow and see how it goes. I like the end result of felting, but the lack of manual control of the process concerns me.

I have not done anything as to the photohosting. It appears that there are batch editing tools for almost anything popular, so all I need to do is choose one and get an account.

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