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January 29, 2009

Source of Gilgamesh yarn done!

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This is the Red Fish Dyeworks fiber, 80% merino/20% silk that I bought at Stitches West last year. I made two yarns, one a triple-ply which is 255 yards of [2.5] yarn, unwashed (so it might bloom a bit). The other is at least 150 yards of two-ply [1.5] yarn. The pictures are of varying quality, but I uploaded exemplars.

September 14, 2008

this week in spinning and knitting

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I like how this mitt is coming out, even though I am “winging it” and even though there is that odd space for an extra thumb knuckle. Handspun from Ashland Bay merino “pinedale” top.


New fiber from Paradise Fibers, “bombay nights” which is one of their “microblends” of mohair+”wool”+sari silk. I think it looks like fireworks. Once I managed to find things and get them into my cart, I was really happy with the professional order handling from Paradise Fibers. If they had a less crippled search capability, and a more polished online storefront, they could be one of my favorite sources. But even knowing they had a black fiber with sari silk, I could not find this fiber again from a different computer. I had to go back to the browser history to find it (I literally had to IM myself the direct link). I love this stuff, so it was worth the headaches and I am thrilled that their back-end order fulfillment is so much better than their website’s search.

And last week, I said I had started spinning again after taking the entire summer off. This is the “Rose Bud” from the May 2008 Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club. It is corriedale and I already loathe this yarn, I mentally tagged it “rose rot”.

June 10, 2008


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CMF BFL “Stonehenge” 8-ounce skein.

This is the skein from the completely full bobbin I mentioned recently. There are more pictures. I just love this color.

(Sorry for the non-sequitur.) I am absolutely terrible at remembering to update the blogroll in the sidebar. I have found the links other people have on their blogs to be useful in discovering new places. I wanted to be the kind of person who keeps hers up to date. Anyway. I will try to update at least quarterly.

May 12, 2008

All the promised pictures…

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yarn single on bobbin

↑ Wensleydale Single from Spunky Fiber Club April 2008

alpaca yarn, black

↑ 2-ply alpaca yarn, first alpaca spinning experience. Smooth but not lofty.


↑ CMF BFL “Twelfth Planet” second skein

↑ The extra bit from the CMF BFL “Twelfth Planet”. This particular handful shows the color range fairly well.

↓ The BFL from the hand-dye experiments.


↓ Comparison of the three BFL skeins, each of the CMF “Twelfth Planet” skeins and the hand dyed one

3 yarns

April 20, 2008

finished yarns

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I have several completed yarn pictures to share:
Royal Hare SW Merino “Napa Nutmeg” bought at Stitches West 2008 from Froggy Moon Fibers (which is why the fiber photo says that, I read it from the receipt, not the label.) 2-ply worsted
yarn yarn
Ashland Bay Merino “Pinedale” bought at Stitches West from Carolina Homespun 2-ply DK/worsted
Crown Mountain Farms BFL “Twelfth Planet” from CMF during the sale. 2-ply DK. 290 yards/4oz.
yarn yarn

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