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December 6, 2008

One shirt down, but the voyage is a sinking ship

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After losing the one handsewing needle I can stand to use  (the yarn just snaps into the eye of the needle, no threading), hemming the pyjama shirt got put on hold. My husband, unbeknownst to me, though knownst to him (that always seems like it should be “beknownst”) the needle was found and “put away” in his sewing tackle box. (Who says sewing is not masculine?)  That is where the other hand sewing needles live and no one would ever use one of those, so of course I did not notice that it had been found. (Why would he put it in the very last place I would look? Obviously if “away” means I cannot find it, it does not live there.) When he asked if I was ever going to finish my pile of hemming (he is very tolerant, it has been months), I said I had lost my needle. He said he found it, went and got it out, and stuck it in the tomato thing that everybody has even though no one knows why they are shaped like tomatoes. 

Finally I was in the mood to try again and I finished my one pyjama top. It only took me an episode of Life, so I am either getting better or sleeves are half the size of pant hems.

I thought about hemming the sleeves of my new robe, but I cannot figure out what was done to it. It appears to have come pre-cuffed for an orangutan. But if I try to fold the sleeve up to the correct length, it is too tight. I think I will need to unpick the current hem and cuffing and cut it shorter before hemming. And if I cut it, it will need to be sewn by machine to ensure it does not fray (the factory seam is serged and I have no idea how they managed to get it not to show, unless it was done using Criss Angel’s origami!) 

There really is nothing like being convinced you cannot do something to make it just next to impossible. I hate sewing.

October 28, 2008

Hem, hem.

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From sewn

This is why I really dislike sewing. It took me almost 4 hours to do both pyjama pant legs and they do not match. You can easily see the stitches (everyone knows that real sewing people use blind hems and only use visible stitches for decorative purposes). I really struggled hard to get this.

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