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October 31, 2009

How to create a visual slipper pattern.

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I really liked the 8-square slippers. There are apparently several variants of these. Here are a few direct pattern links:

first one I found: http://www.kaspaikka.fi/neulonta-A&O/asusteita_vaatteita/sukat-tossut/palatossut.html

Drops, in English: http://www.garnstudio.com/lang/en/visoppskrift.php?d_nr=109&d_id=57〈=us

felted: http://hurpeknagg.blogspot.com/2008/01/felted-slippers.html

The basic idea I was looking for was something that could be made in all garter stitch, that required very little in terms of shaping, but which would make an actual garment. There are a number of children who go through the library knitting group and never learn to purl, let alone increase and decrease. No one needs 3 mini-size envelope purses, so there was a lack of intermediate project between the itty bitty thing and sending them off to buy their own yarn.

But not everyone who comes to this speaks English. Some of them do not read. It was a puzzle.

I wanted to create something to show how to make the slippers if you did not have a paper pattern or online resources available.  This is what I made:

From origami motley socks

If one sews the white edge seam to the white edge seam, then the red to the red, and so forth, one ends up with the finished slipper.

This was a very interesting exercise, both the finding of a pattern that fit explicit criteria and the creation of a demonstration model that inherently displays the procedure required.

October 11, 2008

Help finding a sock pattern.

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This is where the post I constructed this morning in semi-apology seems a bit silly.


I have the standard gauge: 8sts/in by 12 rows/in. 

I have 2 complete balls (and a bit of extra) Knitpicks Imagination “Evil Stepmother”

Now what I want is an excellent toe-up pattern that will fit my feet. I am not sure which “ethnic” group my feet follow, but unlike Catholic statuary seeming to prove evolution, I do not have monkey feet (where the toes are like fingers on hands, middle toe being longest, and a narrower big/thumb toe). In fact, if you look at the toe section of my right foot (picture is scaled in 10%s of total size of toe section as measured from the base toe knuckle line), you can see that I do not want a centered increase and that I really want to start with about 75% of the width. Back when I made my first socks, I did not do any toe increases at all, just started with 100% of the foot stitches. That left a dead-space pocket above my pinky toe just where shoes are already ridiculously tight. If you can suggest a way to differentiate them in dim light, I would not mind handed socks (where one is the sock for the left foot and one is the sock for the right foot.) 

In terms of texture, I was thinking 5×2 ribbing over the instep with a smooth (or reverse stockinette) sole. Heels must not require picking up a whole swath of stitches; I prefer the look of shortrows and detest “heel flaps”. Instructions must include method for minimizing holes in the heel and must NOT include k3tog or p3tog because that is almost impossible with Addi Turbos’ blunt-ended needles.


I promise I am not a complete idiot. It is pretty obvious what I want to do and I seem to know how to do it, so my failure to do it is entirely due to lack of self-confidence. I tell myself, “Socks are hard!” and lo! they are.

August 9, 2008

EZ is for paying tolls, even in knitting.

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I finished writing and formatting the actual pattern for the BSJ. Not the summary version by Elizabeth Zimmermann where what needs doing is left out because any really good knitter would have thought through all the caveats on their own and anyone else is too [insert scorchingly blue language of your choice here] idiotic to make a garter stitch project. I have stopped wondering how someone who did so many great things for knitting could be so humble! If she had not been, someone else would have throttled her and the books would not be around to aggravate me.

Here is one piece of amazingly helpful advice, put a center marker in. That way any mistakes can be isolated.

Second piece of advice, you can fix whatever error on the “resting row” knitting back. Sure your increase or decrease will be off by one row, but it works fine, and works a lot better than having to rip back.

Third suggestion, count every resting row. Make a list of all the row counts, with separators for where the markers will be and check off the row. That page is a lifesaver if you are doing striped colorwork. I have a .pdf for this page if you want mine, even though it just includes the row counts and no instructions. (Leave a comment, although your email address does not show to the world, I can see it as the blog owner.)

Cat Bordhi’s suggestion about using scrap yarn to blip for row counts is probably wise if you are not doing stripes. I will be reviewing the Cat Bordhi sock book, but my preliminary impression is that she is the opposite, she spent a great deal of time describing caveats and providing work-arounds.

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