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December 24, 2007

daily spinning

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I spun up half of the Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club December ’07 offering today. I also spun two bobbins of white BFL, but it really wants to be three-ply. You are about to notice a problem… I do not have enough bobbins to finish either thing.

Whenever someone started talking about wanting a second wheel after having their first wheel for a month, I thought they had shopped poorly. But it is completely true for me. Obviously I should have the ability to alternate between projects. I could order more bobbins. I could laboriously wind singles onto “storage bobbins”. (Storage bobbin being an alias for “empty toilet paper tube”, naturally.) But the most desirable option would be to have another wheel so I could spin on one and ply on the other.

The December club thing is lime green, aqua/turquoise, and eye-bleed red in separate thirds. I made 8 vertical strips from it so the colors would stripe more quickly. The other option would have been to spin those sections individually and ply them with themselves. But since I did not particularly value this colorway, I decided it would make a good experiment for Navajo plying. I shall report back with my results.

Later back at the desk, I do not remember who thought Navajo plying was hard or undesirable to do. I liked getting a three-ply yarn from a single bobbin. I forgot to take pictures of the single, but I have the plied yarn wrapped around the swift/skeiner. The yarn is absolutely beautiful. The colors are perfectly aligned and intensified by this method. I would highly recommend it.

There is a definite problem with Navajo plying…. I have about 35 yards from 2 ounces of fiber. As much as I am dismayed by the massive foreshortening, I am also disturbed by the thought that I might need a half-pound of anything on my head. I may have some over-twisted sections (or all of it even). Overall, the end result yarn makes me happy though, and I was not planning to use this fiber for anything specific so it was an ideal time to experiment.

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