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December 25, 2009

Finished gift.

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This is my chocolate bunny.

November 19, 2009

Swatch Bunny is not a sleeper in the race.

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I started and finished something today.

It was the swatch bunny. I created a diagram that explains this extremely simple process.  I got the idea of doing this with swatch squares from Kira of KiraKDesigns, who got it from artsy-fartsy-mama.com, but this is a standard technique found in any basic sewing book.

Basically you knit a square. This is a good use of swatching squares, hence the name. After binding off, tie a secure knot with the seaming yarn at the left midpoint of the square. Baste the seam from left midpoint to right midpoint to top midpoint and back to left midpoint. (see diagram). Pull the seaming yarn to gather fabric together. This makes a pocket which forms the head. Add stuffing and stitch closed. Ears are magically formed and can be fixed in place with a stitch as desired. The body is formed by seaming the “spine” (indicated in green on the diagram) and adding stuffing. Run the seaming needle through the cast on stitches, then gather them, grabbing a small tail tuft from the stuffing before final cinching.

From rabbits

diagram for seaming

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