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January 11, 2008

stores of consciousness

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I finally did something about the need for more knitting needles. I stopped at the Alameda Yarn Company. I looked and they had Addi Turbos, but they wanted $22 for the 16″ #13. I admit that is the going rate within approximation from several sources, but ouch. I looked at their selection of yarn, hoping to replace the “Endpaper Mitts” yarn with something less unattractive. Sadly, the woman said she does not carry small weight wool yarns without nylon in them. I had been considering the Knitpicks Options, but it never seemed like a good deal. I generally get close enough to gauge with needles that are ±1 size. So I ordered #6, #8, #10, #13 tips and a plethora of cables. I also ordered a 16″ #11. This was cheaper than ordering a set with #4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 tips. Even though there is a savings for buying it as a set, I would prefer having a 60″ cable to swap in than the #7 tips, so there was a method to my seemingly mad decision.

I have one more stash box to dive through in search of new fingering weight yarn. It is possible I have something fabulous in the “specials” box, Drops baby alpaca 1-weight yarn in an irridescent blue.

There are many photos to share, but they have not been uploaded… I am just a little self-conscious of posting photos of my failure states.

ETA: I did get a Flickr account in hopes that it eases the pain of blogging photos. It is most most most unfortunate that they do not tell you in advance that the location of your Flickr photos does not have to match your Yahoo! account.

It looks like things are getting back on track, fiber-wise.

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