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January 8, 2009


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Updated version of the Promethean Pocket instructions, this time with pictures! Corry came up with a really good idea.

Leuca sweater pictures, though this cast on edge will likely be frogged and started again after I see what the sleeves look like:

January 3, 2009

Nomenclature Conversation

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Someone should suggest a name for my cowl-neck sweater from the “Moss In The Dark” handspun yarn. Otherwise I am going to do it and you might not share my sense of humor about the “naming of cats” and other practical matters.

I am sort of leaning toward lichen-based names, like from Alectoria Ochroleuca or Bryocaulon Divergens (someone else’s image from a site in another language, so I cannot correctly attribute it; found via Google image search.), which are known as “green witch’s hair” and Tingaujaq/caribou moss respectively. If I called my sweater something “Cowl-[dr]on” I know it would make me laugh. Alectoria Cowl-on. Tingaujaq Cowl-on. But generally I prefer names which are less obvious in their punnish nature. Though, quite honestly, “My name is Leuca, I live on the Alector”….. 

You might really want to make your own suggestion!

January 1, 2009

Epic of Yarnpire

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¡Happy New Year!

I keep planning to add things to the projects page on Ravelry but not quite getting around to it. I usually have pictures of everything before it goes out the door as a gift, but… I only seem to upload the ones I finished since I started using Ravelry. 

I should include pictures of the bent scarf, but it is a gift for my MIL and I would like it to be a surprise. The pictures are uploaded so if you want to look, help yourself. Keep in mind that it has not been blocked and I fully expect the blocking to beautify it. 100% llama yarn, semi-felted single, bought ages and ages ago before I knew what makes a good yarn.

 I got a new knitting bag. Of course I never go anywhere so who knows why I got it. But we were at the World of Goods warehouse sale and how could I possibly pass up a purple batik bag for $5? I do really like it. It is almost perfect. It would be a better knitting bag if it stood up on its own, if I was sure of the handles’ durability, and if the inside was not black. I can possibly add a cardboard insert to help the freestanding. And if the handles fall off a $5 bag, I am not out too much money. 



I cast on for my sweater. The yarn is absolutely brilliant in this. It looks better cast on in the sweater than it did skeined or balled. I am wavering on whether I should frog and start again. I did a long-tail cast-on and it looks horrid. I also managed to be a little confused on whether I was going to be using the #6 or #8 needles. But I did start on it. I much prefer the fabric to the #6 swatch, but the body will take about 22500 stitches compared to 15000. That is a huge difference in work and the #8 swatch looks tolerable. I will take some pictures before I frog. I might do a sleeve first. I should definitely take pictures, but eh.

Project-wise, my schedule cleared up a little. The February date for the Woodland Shawl has been put off. I am now doing that for me and I want to do lacework in the summer. It might end up being something that is put up for adoption, but I am knitting it because I want to knit it and there is no pressure.

Currently the plans are spinning for my rainy day scowl. Coming up with a project plan/pattern for the scowl. And sweater. And sucking it up and using the sock yarn that taunts me daily. (“I am an adult, sock knitting is not too hard. I will master it. And then I will have an entire repertoire of woolly socks and my feet will never be cold again!”)

I have decided that I am extremely funny and should have a job naming things. For example:

 I have named “Knave of Hearts, Jack of All Spades”.





The new (proto)yarn, I want to call “Mood Indiglo” but I suspect I would get a lot of complaints from Timex and Billy Joel’s attorneys. It may end up being something like “cobalt cutin” for the dust that appears on blueberries and grapes. Today’s research suggests the Epic of Gilgamesh was written on lapis lazuli tablets… so I am leaning toward “Source of Gilgamesh”.

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