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December 27, 2010

Projects Status

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Progress on the Phantom Phonebooth (Tardis pattern) socks proceeds. I have 2.25 inches completed from the toe. It is about 2.5 rounds per centimeter and it takes me about half an hour to do that. After which I want to do something else. Two-at-a-time on two-circs is a lot of shuffling things around. But the socks match and there will not be that point where I feel “done” but am only halfway because there is still another entire sock to go. No pictures yet because it looks like a pair of small blue pockets.

My revamping of the halfaquin sweatervest is stalled while I work on the socks. I can see it in my mind’s eye but actually doing the work is much more laborious than anticipated.

These are my only active projects taking up space in my brain because the loom shipped today!

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November 2, 2008

Collar and Vest and project planning origins.

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Does anyone have advice on attaching a collar? I picked up the neck stitches successfully and the collar itself looked OK, but it rolls like a model of a surfer’s paradise. 

I took pictures. (Please wait…. pictures will be a separate post, sorry.)

I hate posting pictures. Posting pictures has gotten easier over the past year, but I still have this attitude problem, like knitters who think purling is hard because someone told them it was a decade ago. Of course blog posts with pictures get more attention, so there is an incentive to suck it up. 

If I could get the collar to lie flat, this would have been a 3 week vest. Making it the fastest knitting project (by volume) that I have ever done. I have all the ends sewn in. I tried adding a rim of 3-loop crochet (I do not know if that is “double crochet” or “half-double” or “triple”.) and that helped, but it was not enough weight to get it to stay down. 

Beautiful seaming job on all the four quadrants.

I did not do a bottom hem, but the tiny bit of stockinette roll looks intentional and I am quite pleased. 

The fitting job I did turned out awesome. Which you cannot see in the current pictures because I need someone else to push the camera’s button. Since the shaping I did was dead easy, I am very very very pleased. 

I made a sweater with 2 shades of purple, starting the planning phase during the first Presidential debate, and finishing before the election. I admit to thinking of this as my election sweater. It says “Fie!” on the red state/blue state nonsense by being all purple.  I am much more politically leaning than that, but I like purple much better than either red or blue. I plan to wear my political sweater to the polls, but no one will notice or care. That is probably how I think political leanings should be visible to the public, as people going to the polls. It would be more awesome if everyone was wearing purple because I think that is pretty.

October 4, 2008

Playing it close to the vest.

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I uploaded a picture of the “rose rot” yarn.

There is a picture of the hat I am making from the first skein of “Fireworks”; the hat is probably 80% complete.

And I actually looked at my Ravelry queue and moved stuff just into favorites. I am never going to make a plain jane vest and give some designer credit for it when it does not come in my size. I suspect I will make myself a pair of Cat Bordhi-designed socks before I do one of the other ones I found. I am not really going to knit a lace shawl. That is some flight of fancy.

There has been a decision. I have 20% of a hat, and one mitten (the first one is done) to do for other people, then I am next on the knitted projects. I am getting a vest or three.

I have some Swish superwash I intended as a quick knit, but the EZ pattern was not easy. (The more I think about Elizabeth Zimmermann’s “patterns”, the more cursing I have to remove before posting.) I have some lovely black Aran-weight yarn that cries to become a cabled vest, like the recent Knitty’s “Abrazo”. And I have several pounds of BFL that wants to become a sweater for me, but I really do not like sweaters with sleeves. I faved Cheryl Oberle’s “Many Buttons” vest from Folk Vests, but I have no idea where my copy of the book is. 

If someone has a really awesome vest pattern (waistcoat style or pullover) that is at least worsted weight yarn and comes in larger sizes (remember that a “medium” is a size 14 woman now, so no fair using those Vogue sizes where a large fits a size 8 woman.) I would most assuredly be interested.

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